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Monday, October 25, 2010

McGarity praises Richt

A few weeks ago Greg McGarity was having to answer questions about the state of the Georgia football program, and the status of head coach Mark Richt.

After a three-game win streak, McGarity, Georgia’s new athletics director, is praising his coach. Specifically, McGarity lauded Richt for “admitting … mistakes” about the way preseason was run, and going to more physical practices.

“At one time it didn’t look it was going in the right direction for our program. And I have to credit Mark with what he was able to do, to basically rally the troops after a rough run there and a tough game at Colorado,” McGarity said on Monday.

Georgia was 1-4 after that loss at Colorado. Richt called a full-pads practice for the next Monday, saying it was the first time he has done that at Georgia.

“I think that Monday really set the tone for the season. I really do,” McGarity said. “That different tone, and Mark being a man enough to take some responsibility to say we probably made some mistakes the front end, in terms of the practices and the two-a-days. For him to acknowledge that, I think that speaks to the type of man he is.”

McGarity, who started on the job the last week in August, said the practice changes were not made at his suggestion. Richt initiated them on his own.

“I think that was huge. I think for him to basically do that,” McGarity said. “People are afraid to say in business or government or whatever, hey I made a mistake. It’s another thing to say hey I made a mistake and this is what I’m gonna do to change,” McGarity said.

“If you’re always looking at ways to get better, then I think you have to do things that are a little out of your comfort zone. And that may be admitting that you make mistakes. But the ability to make it publicly, and chart that, I think that’s a credit to him.”

Georgia puts its 4-4 record on the line Saturday against Florida, where McGarity spent the previous 18 years as an associate athletics director.


Anonymous said...

I WILL NOT be impressed unless we beat Florida. Let's not over-do it guys. We beat Vandy, Tenn, and Kentucky. Don't act like we just won the SEC. Beat Florida for a change and don't make me walk ut of that stadium yet another year wishing we had a REAL coach.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt should have had his team hit the practice field as soon as the team got to Athens after the Colorado loss. That was one of the most pathetic performances by a dawg team ever. Mark Richt is still a softee and doesnt even come close to a Meyer Saban, Dooley or a Bear Bryant.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

Completely forgot about the two-a-day issue! Not that you can point to that and say "Yep, that's where we screwed things up!" But, you never know, do ya?

Anonymous said...

Except the 2 a day was completely overblown. The NCAA only allows so many hours a week and most teams have reduced or even eliminated 2 a days already.

We may have issues about hitting, but the 2 a day deal is nothing but a red herring.