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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spurrier lauds Georgia

Georgia all of a sudden looks like “the best team in the SEC” according to one interested observer. Yes, your old favorite and mine, the Ol’ Ball Coach.

Steve Spurrier spoke about resurgent Georgia during his weekly news conference Tuesday. Then the South Carolina head coach pointed out that basically everybody is resurgent in the SEC East.

“Yeah, Georgia played very well, ran the ball, threw the ball (against Vandy). They looked like the best team in the SEC probably last week and the week before against Tennessee. They got their act together,” Spurrier said. “They are still in the hunt in the East. Heck, everybody is in the hunt.

“Well, heck Vanderbilt is still in the hunt. I think in the conference they are 1-2, yep, they’ve only got two losses. That Eastern side, Tennessee is a little bit in a hole I guess at 0-3, but anyway most of us have just played four games, a few have played five. It’s pretty much wide open.”

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said he has noticed an improved mood around the team, but didn’t ascribe it to being back in the the SEC race.

“I’m sure it’s in the back of everybody’s mind that things could get more exciting,” Richt said. “But it won’t be more exciting if we don’t win this game.”

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