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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick halftime thoughts

And I mean quick.

- South Carolina and Vanderbilt are tied in the third quarter as I write this. If South Carolina loses, and Georgia holds on to win, the Bulldogs will be alone in first place in the SEC East.

No really, they will be.

- Georgia needs to get the passing game going. Kentucky's offense is capable of a comeback, as we've seen. Especially if it stops turning the ball over.

The Bulldogs are still in control of this game - but only on the scoreboard. The feel of the game is more of a toss-up, especially among the crowd and on the Kentucky sideline. Given the past two weeks, they're not giving up.

- Georgia's run defense has been stupendous, as has the pressure on the pocket, at least most of the time. But when it hasn't, Kentucky has burned the UGA secondary. It has to clamp that up, with the Wildcats set to be firing often this half.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not complaining about the game which is reflective of the scoreboard. However, what has happened to our passing game? Are we holding back to not show UF something for next week?