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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Third quarter blog

End of third quarter, Georgia still leads 41-14

As we enter the final period, Georgia is in Tennessee territory, which leads to some potential history in this series:

The Bulldogs have never scored more than 44 points against the Volunteers. That happened in a 44-0 win in Athens in 1981, which is also (obviously) the most lopsided Georgia win over the Vols.

Right now we're sitting on the same final score as the 2003 game.

3:12 left in third quarter, Georgia ups leads to 41-14

Shaun Chapas bulls in from a yard out, capping a long drive, and now you can say this one is pretty much over.

The big play on that drive was a completion to Tavarres King, with a late hit (actually a throwdown by a frustrated defensive back) tacked on.

Interestingly, Washaun Ealey was getting the ball at the end of the drive. Inside the five. A confidence-boosting move by the coaches, and a message that it needs Ealey this season?

7:07 left in third quarter, Georgia leads 34-14

It's probably no cause for alarm in the long run, the long run being the rest of this game, but Georgia's defense has given up yet another big play.

A 58-yard pass to tailback Raijon Neal - a true freshman from Tyrone, Ga. - sets up a Tennessee touchdown run.

Todd Grantham talked this week about the "explosive plays" being the main thing wrong the defense. It still is.

10:26 left in third quarter, Georgia ups lead to 34-7

The past four losses have caused Aaron Murray's solid performances to be overshadowed. Not in this game.

Aaron Murray was awarded (after a replay review) a second rushing touchdown, as he snuck the ball past the pylon before going out of bounds. Georgia has what you can officially call a commanding lead.

Murray's wares were on display on that drive again, particularly at the end. He should've been sacked just before the run, but maintained his balance. Earlier in the drive the quarterback was also pinpoint on passes to A.J. Green, Orson Charles and Tavarres King.

So two passing touchdowns to go with the two running scores. Quite a day for Murray, and there's still plenty of time left.

Of course at the rate this is going, we're going to see Hutson Mason in the fourth quarter.


dawginutah said...

Come on anon... he was just used to being at sc for so long

Anonymous said...

I guess you are right! He can't even recognize when I team is playing well. You do remember that this is the same team that should have beat LSU last week. You know LSU right, the #10 team in the country.