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Saturday, October 2, 2010

From the locker room

As you would expect, it was a pretty downcast scene among the Georgia staff and players. Folsom Field is set up in such a way that people leave the locker room right where fans exit the stadium.

So a lot of Georgia fans hung, with one or two yelling a few choice words, but at no one in particular. A.J. Green, as he was interviewed, got a few "way to go A.J.'s." When Mark Richt exited and walked towards us, I didn't hear anything untoward.

Richt, when asked what his main priority was now, said, "Getting home safe."

“Losing’s not good,” Richt said. “But there’s a lot of good things that came out of this, just as far as the effort and the attitude of this group. There’s a lot of things I could point to as a coach to be proud of as these guys. But the bottom line in football is wins and losses. And right now we haven’t gotten a win in awhile.”

As for the Caleb King fumble, Aaron Murray said that King just got hit once he got the ball.

"I just wish it would've bounced my way instead of going the other way," Murray said. "I don't know where the guy came from. I just handed it off to him, I guess he got it and it came out. ... You can't blame Caleb. You know everyone's gonna make mistakes here and there."

Richt said the call that was played was the team's "No. 1 running play."

“I think he was trying to make a spin move as he was getting the ball,” Richt said. “You know, that’s his instinct, to try to make somebody miss. But we’ve gotta get the ball first, and he just didn’t do that. But Caleb, he gave great effort, he made great runs.”

The sharpest comments came from senior defensive end Demarcus Dobbs.

"We didn't represent Georgia well. We didn't represent the SEC well,” Dobbs said. “The only people we have to blame is ourselves."

"There's going to be frustration. We're Georgia, we never expected to (have) four losses in a row to the teams that we lost to. But you just have to push ahead. You can't turn on each other. All we've got is each other, so we just have to stick together, keep grinding, watch film, and finish the season out on a high note, hopefully."

I was there when Dobbs said the above comments. In comments that were provided by Colorado's sports information department, Dobbs was quoted as saying:

"I thought it was a shoe-in, that's how comfortable I was. I put my helmet down, I was ready to run on the field and celebrate. But it didn't happen that way. We made a fatal mistake and that type of stuff needs to be corrected. We cannot turn the ball over at the end of the game. It felt like death to me."

1 comment:

sherryjoyce said...

Mark Richt better start worrying (after he gets home safely). Nothing good is coming out of these losses. Bobo is still calling the same plays and we are still making the same mistakes.