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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Force turnovers = avoid shaving

There are a lot of scruffy faces on the Georgia football team these days, and there’s a good reason for that.

Head coach Mark Richt has a rule: If the Bulldogs win the turnover margin every week, the players don’t have to shave. If the margin is even, but the Bulldogs are plus for the season, they still don’t have to shave.

The Bulldogs are plus-four this year, so the hair is a-growing.

Richt was asked Tuesday how long the rule has been in place.

“We actually started last year,” the coach answered wryly, and the room started laughing.

Obviously no one noticed last year, when they ranked 118 out of 120 FBS schools in turnover margin.

“They were clean-shaven,” Richt said. “This year they’re getting a little furrier.”
Fred Munzenmaier is one of the fastest-growing beard-growers, according to Richt and some players.

“It must be his Italian roots,” receiver Kris Durham said.

Tight end Arthur Lynch also got a few votes.

“A couple manly-men guys on the team,” freshman quarterback Aaron Murray said. “I grow it in patches. I’m obviously not fully-developed yet.”

The rule is enforced every Friday, before players get their travel gear. Joe Tereshisnki will pull players off the bus if they get on with impermissible facial hair.

“You won’t even make it to the bus,” said linebacker Akeem Dent, who was sporting a slightly scruffy chin. “He inspects that.”

Dent said Richt’s rule is meant for the player’s good.

“Later on in life, when you get a job and things like that, you have to be clean-shaven,” Dent said. “Coach Richt’s just trying to prepare us to be men, learn about responsibility.”


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Anonymous said...

That story really gave me a good laugh! Thanks, Seth.