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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

2:47 left in game, Georgia leads 44-25

Georgia needed a long drive, or a score, to remove all doubt. It got both, and you can finally put this one in the books.

Blair Walsh hits a 27-yard field goal to make it 44-26.

So in the past four games (assuming it's done scoring) Georgia has put up 41, 43 and now 44 points.

I'm heading down to the locker room, and will try to post something later.

10:52 left in fourth quarter

This is resembling a video game. Kentucky still won't go away, and it's a two-possession game with plenty of time left.

Chris Matthews scored on a long catch-and-run for Kentucky, which continues to have success against the Georgia secondary.

The Bulldogs had hoped their defensive backs had turned a corner the past few games, especially when it came to giving up big plays. But the troubles are back.

So it's back up to the Bulldog offense to take some time off the clock. Some Kentucky fans have left - enough to make Randall Cobb angry - but there are still a lot in here.

13:53 left in game, Georgia now leads 41-17

We are now in looking-up-records territory in this game.

Washaun Ealey's fifth touchdown of the game means:

1. Georgia has a commanding lead, and fans are heading to the exits. Even Randall Cobb may forgive them this time.
2. Ealey tied the school record for most touchdowns by a single player in a game. He's tied with Robert Edwards' performance against South Carolina in 1995.
3. Ealey now has the school record for rushing touchdowns in one game. Edwards held the previous record.
4. As far as I can tell, it's the first time Georgia has ever scored 40-plus points against three straight SEC opponents.

By the way, for all his touchdowns, Ealey still doesn't have 100 yards.

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