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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Overtime blog

End of game, Florida wins 34-31

Chas Henry makes the game-winning field goal, and Georgia falls in overtime.

Players are stunned on the Bulldog sideline. Tavarres King was laying down for a second, and is now just sitting on one knee. Drew Butler stayed down for awhile too.

Details and quotes from the locker room soon.

First possession: Georgia picked off

We've now all been educated: You can win a game on the first possession of overtime with a defensive touchdown.

It didn't happen. But wow, did we come close. Florida safety Will Hill returned an Aaron Murray interception all the way down to the 1. For a few moments it looked like Hill might have been credited with the touchdown, which would've ended the game.

But officials ruled that Hill stepped out of bounds just before the goal-line. A minute-long review confirmed it.

It still leaves Florida in the driver's seat. Any score wins the game. The issues with field-goal kicking could loom large, but the Gators don't have long to go.


D_Dot said...

Sad. I know a lot of people believe in Richt and Bobo but I'm done believing. The management of the overtime stanza was the final straw for me. I seriously have to question the decision making at the end of the fourth qtr on. :59 seconds left in the game and Richt plays overtime. One pass and two runs? Thats coaching to not lose. Richt does not coach to win. This is one the reasons GA has lost so many close game they've played under Richt. People lampoon Les "the Mad Hatter Miles but he will lay it on the line to win and thats all I'm asking for. For once I would like to see Richt go down swinging and leaving it all on the field.

D_Dot said...

I had to correct my typo. ":59 seconds left in the game and Richt plays for overtime."

Anonymous said...

I don't fault Richt for playing for OT. With the ball inside the ten, a very average OL and UF putting 8 in the box, a turnover is too probable and ends the game. What upsets me is the play calling in OT. Why the he!! do they go for it all on first down; run on 2nd down; and then puts his QB in a desperate 3rd down situation? Why can't we just play the odds: rely on the solid play of the defense and count on the fact we've got the better kicker? A prolonged OT is to our advantage - why go for it all on the first play? We have 2assured All-Americans on the roster -- AJ and Walsh -- and neither factored into our OT plan (other than the last desperate call - which didn't need to be desperate). I wonder if this coaching staff ever freaking game planned for OT this week. Seems like we're too easily influenced in our play calling by the crowd noise/stadium excitement vs rationale thinking and playing to strengths. Florida beat us because we're too stupid in our game management and play calling to drive the game to our limited advantages. That first down throw to the endzone is a joke and typical of the playing call, and exemplifies a willingness to abandon the game plan for the home run when the odds are not in our favor. Like many fans, I'm sick and tired of watching the talent on this team underperform because our playing calling at critical times let us down.

dawginutah said...

I like how you say we.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Fire Bobo now. Have enough guts to either pass 3 or run 3 downs in a row. Typical incomplete pass on 1st, run on 2nd and leave Murray 3rd and long. Don't use your two best players in ot...typical. I am sick of losing to Florida. We choked and fell over ourselves the entire 1st half. The players came back, the coaching was there in the 2nd half and ??? Bobo throws on 1st, runs on 2nd and 10, and you know the rest. The coaches and players lose the game in their heads before the 1st snap. Richt is 2 and 8 against Florida. Blah, blah ...see you all in Athens next Saturday. Go Dogs!

Anonymous said...

Sad, sad, sad, and now mad, mad, mad. I give up on the dawgs, especially the coaching staff. At least half of the players played their hearts out - the other half didn't seem to be concerned. But to not throw to the best receiver in the game - and call conservative plays most of the night - is a disgrace. At least AJ could have made it more interesting had he had the opportunities. Georgia should have won by two touchdowns but again played conservative - with not one new play that I could see - and failed to show any imagination or crativity by its coaches, U knew we would lose when we went for a field goal instead of a touchdown. Same scenario as all the prior year sunder Richt. I am through with Richt and Bobo and will no longer watch or support the rest of the season
Daw4ever gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt can not win the big games. He plays too close to the vest and the play calling sometimes is just stupid. Today it was men against boys. Our over paid coaching staff are a bunch of buffoons.. The blind homers make me so sick because they still think its ok to put up with this crap.