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Monday, October 11, 2010

King charge came after brother arrested

Caleb King's bench warrant for a failure-to-appear charge was noticed when King showed up to drive home the car of his brother, who was also being arrested, according to the incident report.

Caleb King, a 22-year-old tailback for Georgia, was charged with failure-to-appear in court, stemming from a speeding charge in Walton County.

Brandon King was cited for driving without a valid driver's license, after being pulled over at around 3:59 a.m. on Monday morning in Athens. Brandon King, 23, was driving a Ford Explorer owned by Georgia defensive lineman Brandon Wood, a roommate of Caleb King.

Before being handcuffed, the officer asked Brandon King to call the owner of the vehicle. Wood showed up five minutes later, at around 5 a.m. with Caleb King.

At that point Caleb King stated he would be driving the car back to their apartment. The officer ran the driver's licenses of Wood and King, and while Wood's came back with no problem, King's showed it was suspended.

King told the officer that he had taken care of the problem, according to the police report. But while filling out paperwork the officer was notified by central booking that there was a bench warrant out on Caleb King, and the player was subsequently held.

King was pulled over on June 20 for going 76 MPH in a 55 zone, according to Walton County officials, on Highway 78, near New Hope Road.

He then missed the court date of Aug. 6, and a bench warrant was issued.

"You have two choices: Pay the fine, or appear in court. He did neither," Walton County sheriff Joe Chapman said.

The bench warrant was not acted on until early Monday morning, when King showed up to drive his brother's car.

Chapman said he hoped that King would be bonded out in Athens and the matter handled there. But if not he was prepared to send a deputy to the Clarke County jail to pick up King.

UPDATE: Caleb King posted bond at 10:45 a.m., according to the Clarke County jail web site. Brandon King posted bond three minutes later.


RedDevilDawg said...

Is that normal policy to run a license for a situation like this? If he had done nothing wrong up until that point and Brandon Wood was the owner of the car and that part confirmed by the cops---Why did they even have to run King's through the system?

Anonymous said...

Will the stupidity never end?!? Does nobody respect court dates anymore?? Respect the law, do what you're supposed to do, it's that simple. This kinda stuff really makes me question people's intelligence. If you're not sure what you're supposed to do, keep asking questions until you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes...The policeman were doing their job. King has to drive the car that he and the owner of the other car came in to the police station. The authorities check license and identification to make sure when releasing a person to someone that they a valid license to operate a vehicle. Doesn't matter anyway because Caleb is irresponsible

DavidSDawg said...

You'd think these players would think more of that uniform they put on on Saturday than to tarnish it with all these off the field issues.
Lack of supervision; why didn't his position coach know about this and insure he met his responsibility to the court.
Discipline; players should be suspended from eligibility to participate until legal obligations have been met.
If players do not inform the coaching staff of legal infractions dismissal should be mandated.

Anonymous said...

Heard on campus that the fine was paid by a family member via check, which Walton Co Sheriff's Dept does not accept (cash or money order only) and was subsequently returned and Caleb never had any idea it was still outstanding.

I can't imagine this kid is dumb enough to completely ignore this if he knew, but then again, maybe so.

Brian said...

I think he sincerely thought it was already taken care of. It's unfortunate this happened after all of our other discipline issues, otherwise the story likely wouldn't have reached this level of notoriety.

On another note, isn’t it strange that King gets suspended for two games for forgetting to pay a speeding ticket, yet Florida’s Rainey gets only 3 games for threatening to kill his girlfriend?

I don't mean to point fingers, but it makes one wonder…

Meyer can't run his flag football playbook without a Demps or Rainey type.