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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A few (early) fleeting thoughts

I'll have more on Sunday, but as I get ready to leave the Folsom Field press box, a few quick things:

- No, the play on which Caleb King fumbled was not a flea-flicker. At least that's according to everyone I talked to down there - Mark Richt, Aaron Murray, but not Caleb King, who wasn't available. Richt called the play the team's "No. 1 running play," i.e. a high-percentage run.

- Thanks to deadline pressures and space issues, I wasn't able to write too much about the defense. But it probably deserves a bit more focus for this one. Once again it gave up a touchdown on the game's opening drive, and struggled in the latter portion of the game. The only way it salvaged itself was finally forcing a stop on Colorado's second-to-last drive, which set up Georgia's last chance.

- A.J. Green confirmed that his absence for two drives near the end of the third quarter was cramps. ("A lot of cramping," he said.)

Remember, while Green was in the locker room, the offense went three-and-out twice, and Colorado took the lead for good.

- Georgia hasn't been 1-4 since 1957. The Bulldogs finished 3-7 that year, under Wally Butts.


<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

Possible you brought some kind of curse with you, or the David Hale jinx still isnt gone. I am kidding. Keep up the great work, I am one fan that is sick with the losses, but I am not quitting on this team. Something good can still happen for the future.

I am for our head coach, but some changes may need to be made, I think we can get more out of the offense, I just do. Defense is new and a LITTLE better, so i will allow grantham to grow and teach before I blast that. Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

This just proves one again our strength and conditioning program is a joke . A J getting cramps? Defense a little better? Dude, what are you smoking? This team has not shown any progress. Poor tackling, huge penalties , a missed chip shot field goal and a fumble. The culture at UGA has got to change and right now all we have are a bunch Thugs and Party Boys. Three years of this crap is enough for what UGA pays CMR.

Anonymous said...

I bet THUGA will get another arrest before a win. Any takers?

DavidSDawg said...

But the last time UGA lost four in a row was 1963 under then Head Coach Johnny Griffith. It's the nineties all over again.
Georgia 1 - 4
Georgia Tech 2 - 2
Georgia Southern 3 - 1
Programs run in cycles.

guitardawg said...

Last time we were 1-4 was '93, last 4 game losing streak was '90.

The Original Blawger said...

I really don't think it was a flea flicker.