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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halftime thoughts and observations

- Georgia has 297 offensive yards. Vanderbilt has 76.

- Another stat the Bulldogs have to like: Vandy is 1-for-6 on third downs.

- Georgia has 160 rushing yards this week, within 29 of its season high. At halftime the Bulldogs are already surpassing their season average by 24 yards.

Of course a lot of that came on Washaun Ealey's 58-yard run. But the lack of long runs was a big reason the rushing average was so low.

Georgia is also performing the way it should against the SEC's second-worst run defense. Ealey has 89 yards on 10 carries, and Carlton Thomas has 31 on just three carries.

- A.J. Green has just one catch, for seven yards, and yet Georgia has 297 yards of total offense. See, it is possible.

- Kenarious Gates and Josh Davis alternated on the line for much of the second quarter (Gates at right guard, and Clint Boling shifting over to that spot when Davis entered at right tackle.)

Stacey Searals is keeping an even closer eye than usual on his unit, standing about 15-20 yards behind the play.

- Vince Dooley stayed away from Sanford Stadium last week. But without any relation on Vanderbilt's sideline, he's here today. Passed him in the press box just now.

- The Senior Bowl is here scouting possible players for its game. Clint Boling is a prime candidate, with Akeem Dent making a push, while Shaun Chapas could get an invite if the bowl wants a fullback. (But obviously Georgia's top pro prospects are underclassmen.)

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