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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second quarter blog

End of half, Georgia leads 22-0

Blair Walsh's field goal gives us the very unusual halftime score of 22-0. The highlight of the final minutes? An alumni male cheerleader, who was let's say very gray, doing push-ups after the field goal. The fans gave him a warmer ovation than they did the score.

Most of Georgia's yardage on that last drive was done on the ground, but the biggest play was a 22-yard pass over the middle to Aron White. That set up first-and-goal, and without any timeouts Georgia had to muster something or else it would have had to settle for a field goal a lot earlier.

Still, the lack of timeouts seemed to affect Georgia's play-calling inside the 10 there. Three pass plays, all incomplete. Also, the third-down play was a play-action, which didn't make too much sense. The receiver was well-covered in the end zone, as it turned out.

Murray made a wise play on second down: Scrambling left, he had a bit of room but not enough for the touchdown. So he heaved it away, rather than get tackled in bounds and have to rush in a third-down play.

It's not likely that settling for a field goal there will decide the game. After all, it's 22-0. But if it were a closer game you could really eviscerate Georgia's earlier clock management.

8:43 left in second quarter, Georgia ups lead to 19-0

Georgia is comfortably ahead, midway through the second quarter, and its starting tailback is healthy, which may be equally good news for the Bulldogs.

Kris Durham hauled in a 4-yard touchdown pass, on a nicely-thrown out pass by Aaron Murray.

A few player earlier, Washaun Ealey had limped off the field. But he returned a few plays later.

Ken Malcome is on the sideline, holding his helmet and talking to Josh Murray. I've heard that coaches will keep the redshirt on him unless they absolutely can't, and Zander Ogletree will get carries.

By the way, Vanderbilt punter Richard Kent, who grew up in Marietta, is not having a great homecoming. He averaged 34.3 on his first three punts, and he shanked his fourth one, setting up Georgia at the Vandy 37.

11:15 left in second quarter, Georgia still leads 12-0

A few early observations:

- Georgia is on pace for easily its best rushing day of the year, thanks mainly to two big plays (Washaun Ealey's 55-yarder and Carlton Thomas' 15-yard TD run.) The Bulldogs had 105 rushing yards in the first quarter - and their season average is 138.5.

- I'm not sure this is the top-rated SEC officiating crew.

- Josh Davis is back in at right tackle, with Clint Boling shifting over to right guard, and Kenarious Gates taking a seat. For how long, we don't know.

- Ealey and Thomas are handling the running game so far. If this game gets out of hand my guess is Zander Ogletree will get some carries, rather than using Ken Malcome.


squarebush said...

Re: the first overturned defense TD:

I realize you want to get the calls right. But it seems to me that way too much time was taken by the officials before they started the play clock for Blair Walsh. Both teams were lined up ready to go for the PAT and were waiting on the ref to start the play clock. Even if the ref knows that a review should probably happen, they should operate under normal pace. The officials on the field should never alter their normal operating procedures and pace in order to stall for a replay. It's the job of the replay official to do his job in the time he's given under normal circumstances before he decides whether to stop play or not.

squarebush said...

Following Durham's 4-yard TD now, the PAT went off quickly after the TD. It was a more normal pace.

The PATs after the first overturned defensive TD (as mentioned above) and after Carlton's TD in the west end zone (which probably should've been reviewed) took way too long before Blair was given the go ahead.

Seriously, what's the deal with these officials?