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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The wacky (and winnable?) SEC East

The Georgia football team woke up Saturday morning just trying to salvage something out of what seemed destined to be a lost season.

It woke up Sunday morning a half-game out of first place in the SEC East.

Now, in reality the Bulldogs are more like 1.5 games out, considering it owns a loss to first-place South Carolina. And with a trip to unbeaten Auburn still on the schedule, any division title chances are still long.

Still, after a crazy night of upsets, they now have a glimmer of hope.

Here are your new (and if you’re Georgia, improved) standings, and their remaining schedule:

South Carolina (2-2) – at Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arkansas, at Florida
Georgia (2-3) – at Kentucky, vs. Florida, at Auburn
Florida (2-3) – vs. Georgia, at Vanderbilt, South Carolina
Vanderbilt (1-2) – South Carolina, at Arkansas, Florida, at Kentucky, Tennessee
Kentucky (1-3) – Georgia, at Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, at Tennessee
Tennessee (0-3) – Alabama, at South Carolina, Ole Miss, at Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Georgia would probably need to win out to have a realistic chance. But as crazy as it seems, there’s still a chance of a four-loss team winning the division, in some sort of tiebreaker.

Georgia’s best hope would seem to rest on beating Florida, and having the Gators beat South Carolina, to create a three-way tie at 4-4. If head-to-head tiebreakers are a wash it then goes to division record, and the good news for Georgia is two of its three SEC losses are to West teams.

The division title is still likely to come down to the South Carolina-Florida game on Nov. 13, in The Swamp. But Georgia and Kentucky can’t be ruled out, meaning their tilt on Saturday is a loser-out scenario.

Yeah, the whole idea of Georgia winning the East is still far-fetched. But not as much as it was before Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Wont happen... Florida will not lose 4 straight games while they have a week off to prepare for the Dawgs. Its just a pipe dream now. Thanks A J , Washaun and Caleb King for ruining of what might have been.

gastr1 said...

Mike Lupica is just the single best reason not to watch "The Sports Reporters." How about the twinp towers of sanctimonious posturing, Mitch Albom and John Feinstein?

Pardon me while I puke at the camera-mongering.

Anonymous said...

how does UF beating SC create a tie at 4 losses? The tie scenario wont work for us anymore. We need to win out and have SC lose 2 of its remaining 4 SEC games.

Anonymous said...

It appears that UGA actually does not have to beat Auburn to get to Atlanta (as crazy as that sounds). If UGA can beat UF and UK, they will be 4-4. If SC loses to Arky and UF, then UGA, UF, and SC will all be 4-4. The tie breaker then goes to SEC East record, which would eliminate SC since they would be 3-2 in the division and UGA and UF would be 4-1. It would then go to head to head of UF and UGA which would send the Dawgs to Atlanta (at possibly a 6-6 overall record if a loss to GT occurs). An 11-1 Auburn or LSU could be left out from the West.