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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

5:00 left in game, Georgia cruising

Given the status of this game, I'm about to head down to the locker room. I'll blog some quotes and notes upon my return.

Bottom line, this is just what Georgia needed. Don't worry about Tennessee not being that good. The Bulldogs should have routed the Vols, and they did. It gives them a huge confidence boost going forward, and probably calms the fire-Mark Richt talk. At least for a week or two.

It should also serve as a reminder that Georgia has a very bright future at quarterback as long as Aaron Murray keeps progressing, and stays healthy.

Very, very good win for Georgia.

10:08 left in fourth quarter

We're pretty much in garbage time here, as Georgia leads comfortably. Both teams still have most of their first-teamers in there, but that should change soon.

Georgia's Justin Houston has 1.5 sacks today, and might be leading the SEC by the end of the day. He teamed with Kiante Tripp on one, the team's fourth of the day.

Aaron Murray will be the story of the game for Georgia, as he remains the Bulldogs' leading rusher, and is approaching 300 passing yards.

I also expect to hear a lot after the game about Georgia's physical practices, and what A.D. Greg McGarity called "the juice" in the program this week. He's proving to be right.


squarebush said...

Any insight on why Mason didn't get some reps in Murray's place that last drive? I understand not putting him in on his own goal line, but it seems like it would've been nice to at least get him some action once they got down field a little.

gastr1 said...

On other news...Arkansas is a pretender as expected, but SCU is legit.

We shoulda beat Arkansas.