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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Third quarter blog

End of third quarter

Through three quarters, Georgia has 511 total yards, and Vanderbilt has 111. Wow, I'd say that's a bit of domination.

Hutson Mason did indeed enter on Georgia's most recent offensive drive. That's his first action since the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

He wasn't the only new face. Fred Munzenmaier and Zander Ogletree are in the backfield, with Munzenmaier getting a carry. Look for those two to get the tailback work the rest of the way, as Washaun Ealey and Carlton Thomas get saved from injury and Ken Malcome gets saved for a redshirt.

Chris Davis and Tanner Strickland are getting some work on the line. Third-string tight end Bruce Figgins is also in the game.

2:50 left in third quarter, Georgia now leads 43-0

We're about to enter Hutson Mason time.

Washaun Ealey has scored his first touchdown of the day, leaping into the end zone. This came once again after a short field, the result of a Sanders Commings interception.

Mason is warming up on the sideline, and I suspect we will soon have seen the last today of Aaron Murray, A.J. Green and perhaps even Ealey.

But that doesn't mean Ken Malcome. At this point what's the point of pulling the redshirt?

6:25 left in third quarter, Georgia now leads 36-0

Georgia keeps pouring it on, with Carlton Thomas scoring the second touchdown of the game, and also his career, a 9-yarder.

So Georgia is cruising towards victory. A few notes:

- If Georgia can hold on for the shutout, it will be the first time it has blanked an SEC opponent since an 18-0 win at South Carolina in 2006. The most recent shutout was last year, 38-0, against Tennessee Tech.

- In fact, counting that Tennessee Tech game, and last year's Vanderbilt game, Georgia is currently outscoring opponents from the Volunteer state 152-24. That's a four-game stretch that started after the loss at Tennessee in 2009.

- The game is also operating with one less official. The umpire went down after a six-yard run by A.J. Green, and had to be helped off the field with a left ankle injury, and it's been announced that he will not return.

(Heck if they just called the rest of the game off, I'm not sure Vanderbilt would commplain.)

12:14 left in third quarter, Georgia now leads 29-0

Just when you thought A.J. Green was going to have a quiet day ...

Green scores on a 48-yard touchdown catch that was pretty much all Green. He caught a pass in the middle of the field, with so much room we all had time to wonder how and why Vanderbilt had left him that open. From there Green cut to the left sideline, then made another cut-back inside the 10 and scored.

Green's only catch before that was a seven-yarder in the second quarter.

Kris Durham had been the receiving star today, adding to his day with a 22-yard catch on that drive. Durham came down with the pass in triple coverage (why Aaron Murray threw into triple coverage is a mystery).

Washaun Ealey also continued his star turn on the drive, and almost uncorked a longer run.

Interestingly, Josh Davis started the second half at right tackle. You have to consider the opponent, but Georgia's run blocking has been very, very good today.

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