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Monday, October 4, 2010

Richt and Bulldogs 'shake things up'

It may not sound like much, but for the first time Monday we saw the first tangible sign of Georgia trying something to fix its woes.

The Bulldogs held a full-pad practice on Monday, which is normally reserved for special teams work and other minor walk-through stuff. Head coach Mark Richt answered “never” when asked how unusual it was to do so on a Monday.

“We hadn’t been blocking and tackling real good, so we decided to have a little spring ball today,” Richt said. “Normally we’re in shorts, running, getting a little running in, work on a few things. But we decided to put the pads on and get after it. One vs. one, two vs. two.”

Richt seemed pleased, calling it “physical” with “great competition.”

The players found out via text at 2 p.m. that the practice was going to be switched up.

“We’ve gotta do something different, to shake things up,” tailback Caleb King said. “It honestly was a good fun practice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, more like this.”

King said that despite having to do sprints at the end of practice. That went for the entire offense, which “lost” a set of mini-scrimmages to the offense.

Cornerback Vance Cuff admitted that the rules were set up to favor the defense.

“They had to get a certain amount of yards and have to do certain things, and all we had to do was pretty much stop them at the beginning,” Cuff said.

Receiver Kris Durham, still dealing with a pinched nerve, was in a non-contact jersey. (He said he hopes to play Saturday.) But Durham also thought the padded practice was a good thing.

“It was a very emotional practice. You could tell everyone was getting after it. It was pleasing to see,” Durham said. “It was something that we needed. We needed to get more physical.”


Anonymous said...

My Alabama friend says this about our woes...

"Yeah, UGA is stinkin' it up about like we did a few years ago in FB. At least you haven’t lost to any directional schools yet. Probably time for a change at HC soon though. Wouldn’t be cheap given Richt’s enormous buyout, plus what you’d have to pay to lure a top end coach. But if I were the UGA AD, I’d probably be on the phone with the big $ guys and trying raise some serious cash to lure Harbaugh. Somebody’s gonna offer him ridiculous cash to leave Standford soon, and from what I’ve seen he’s probably the top semi-available coach out there right now. Good luck… just don’t come after Kirby again please. We’d like to keep him around Tuscaloosa for a few more years if possible(g)."

What do ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.