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Friday, August 29, 2008

BCS Predictions

If you'd ever been to Las Vegas with me, you'd know two things:

1.) I love games of chance, and...

2.) I'm really bad at games of chance.

So, obviously nothing brings me greater joy than making absurd predictions for the upcoming season. Please feel free to argue with them, explain why I'm an idiot or, in a very rare occasion, pat me on the back for a minor stroke of genius. Just remember, I have no more faith in these picks than you do.

National Title: Georgia vs. Oklahoma. Maybe I'm just a crazy, hopeless romantic, but I'd like to see the two best teams from the two best conferences play for a national championship. This year, I think that's the Dawgs and Sooners.

Rose Bowl: Arizona State vs. Ohio State. I think USC tops Ohio State in their Week 3 showdown, effectively ending the Buckeyes national championship dreams (unless every other team has two losses, which I suppose is possible after last year), but I'm not so sure USC runs through the Pac-10, which opens the door for Arizona State. I have zero confidence in this prediction, though.

Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Wisconsin. I've been looking for another team to pick in the ACC, but there just isn't one. I don't think the Tigers will be one of the 10 best teams at season's end, but they will be the best the ACC has to offer. Wisconsin gets this year's Ron Zook Memorial They-Didn't-Deserve-To-Be-Here-But-They-Play-In-The-Overhyped-Big-Ten nomination.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. West Virginia. I know I'm probably crazy, but I like Alabama to win the SEC West this year. The Tide could be like Tennessee last season, where an SEC title game didn't put them in a BCS contest, but I think the money involved makes Bama a clear choice for this game if it wins its division.

Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs. Southern Cal. The battle of the runners-up. I think Missouri will be strong this year, but the Big 12 is awfully deep, and I like Oklahoma just a bit better. The Trojans will drop two games -- same as last year -- but earn a trip to a BCS game anyway.

Heisman Winner: Chase Daniel, Missouri. Apologies to Knowshon, but Heisman voters love quarterbacks.

So, what do you think? On a scale of one to 10, how dumb am I? What are your predictions? Will we see another two-loss team playing for a title or is someone going undefeated? Who am I missing? Who doesn't belong?


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but I like USC vs. Oklahoma in the BCS Championship. It's going to be hard to keep USC out of there, especially after they beat Ohio State. Oklahoma slips in simply because their road is the least roughest. Many teams are better, including UGA - but talent really has nothing to do with the BCS Championship. It's all about luck and strength of schedule.

I think that the only way UGA gets into the BCS is if last year gets repeated. We will lose two games to top 10 teams, so we would be the most likely team if everything falls in place like last year.

Heisman - Sam Bradford.

UGA gets at-large berth versus Clemson.

Anonymous said...

Sleepers that nobody is thinking about....

FSU will win again this year. Mark it down. Expect at least 9 wins.

Miami will stink.

Missouri will stink. SO will Kansas.

Michigan State will win the Big 10.

Colorado plays Oklahoma in Big 12 Championship. Gets at large berth in BCS.

Selena said...

I'm scared to say. But I hope you're right about the BCS title game.

And I'm looking at FSU to do well this year also.

Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to God's ear . . .

I'm going with my computer sim pick. I played the whole Dawg season in NCAA Football '09 Dynasty Mode last week, and here are the scientifically-proven results:

Dawgs run the table! 14-0. National Champs - over 12-0 Ohio State in title game. 24-17. Nice!

Clemson was the only other undefeated team. 13-0, but, given Bowden luck, no title game. (Incidentally, UGA was second-ranked until the BCS title game in the computer's AP Poll, after Ohio State climbed to No. 1 with win at USC.)

I simmed all games but one. Only game I rigged was UGA-FLA. I played as UGA and we won, 90-7. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Biggest surprise? Your 2008 Heisman Trophy winner according to the game? Mo Mass.

No kidding.

It's an EA game. So it's got to be accurate. Write it down, baby!