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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Links (8/12)

Well, the worst was confirmed for Georgia fans as left tackle Trinton Sturdivant will miss the season after knee surgery. This is definitely a big blow to the offensive line, mostly because there isn't a solid answer as to who takes over at that position.

There is a lot of depth on the O-line this year, but not a ton of experience. And if there's one position you don't want to have a rookie at, it's probably left tackle. Right now, sophomore Josh Davis looks like the primary replacement, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Kiante Tripp there by the time the season starts.

The truth is, injuries are going to happen, and it's probably better to have it happen now while there is still time to formulate a back-up plan than to have to adjust on the fly midseason.

Anyway, here are some Tuesday links to lift your spirits.

Stories on Sturdivant from the AJC and Access North Georgia.

Dawg Sports writes that it's time for Georgia and Clemson to revive their rivalry. This would seem like a good idea, but I'm fairly certain it would break up my editor's marriage.

The Moultrie Observer writes about Vance Cuff's interception in Monday's scrimmage.

Chip Towers writes that Matthew Stafford and Logan Gray were both impressive in Monday's scrimmage. In talking with Stafford yesterday, he also assures me that Gray will get some serious special teams time this season.

The university will fork over $2 million for a Vince Dooley tribute, according to the AJC.

ESPN's Ivan Maisel writes the 9,685,703rd story about how Georgia is handling preseason expectations.

Rivals has its SEC rankings, and calls Florida vs. Georgia the game of the year this season. I dunno, that game won't feature Dicky Lyons, so I'm not sure I can go that far.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a story on the middle of Georgia's defense .

The AJC says ESPN is considering broadcasting the G-Day game and that a recruit could decide today.

Former Bulldog Kregg Lumpkin scored a touchdown for the Green Bay Packers last night, but also put the ball on the ground in a key spot.

And finally, if this doesn't cheer you up, nothing will. This is, as best I can tell since it was published on the Gwinnett Daily Post's Web site, completely legit. I defy you to narrow it down to the top three funniest parts (although, the mural t-shirt the one guy wears that makes Jesus look a bit too much like Kenny Loggins circa 1981 ranks right up there for me).


Hairy Dawg said...

Yes, this is a blow, but I don't get all the doom & gloom. But I guess that's what sells papers, right David?

Let's not forget, Trinton was a "rookie" last year and that worked out pretty well.

Also, last year's line was a HUGE concern with little experience - and again that worked out pretty well for us.

Why? Because of Stacy Searles. He worked a miracle last year and I know he'll do it again this year, especially given the talent we're stocked with.

David Hale said...

I agree completely... it's a big injury, but it could be worse. You never want inexperience at that position, but that's exactly what Georgia had last year and the Dawgs finished No. 2 in the country. Depth is a big plus for Georgia this year, but you definitely have to hope they don't use it all up before Game 1 is even in the books!