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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Practice Report

A handful of players made it back onto the practice field and out of the green jerseys today, so that was good news. Richt said many of the formerly green-clad Bulldogs didn't go a full session, but did work at full speed at various times with no setbacks. The list included both freshmen WRs (AJ Green and Tavarres King) both of whom Richt said should earn playing time this year.

Some other notes from today's practice:

-- It's looking more and more like Kiante Tripp is going to be moving permanently to left tackle. Said Richt: "I don't know if it's solidified, but he's spending more time at left than right now." Chris Davis and Vince Vance also made statements that seemed to indicate it was virtually a done deal.

-- Along those same lines, it sounded like Josh Davis could be at right tackle, at least for Week 1. All bets are off when Clint Boling comes off suspension, though.

-- Asked when Knowshon might get some contact, Richt gave sort of a non-answer. It appears Moreno will remain in a green jersey for a while longer, but as Richt said, "that green jersey is supposed to keep you from having to strike anybody or have someone strike you, but when you get the ball in your hand, you tend to get shots. I think he's getting plenty right now."

-- Caleb King sat out practice for a third straight day nursing a sore hamstring. The injury may give freshman Richard Samuel a leg up on the No. 2 spot on the RB depth chart.

-- Kade Weston also missed Monday's practice. Said Richt: "He got a shot on his knee in the last scrimmage. It's a bone-bruise shot more than a structural issue."

-- Richt said Monday's practice was not a particularly good one. He said the Bulldogs started game planning for Georgia Southern, which is a difficult transition for the players. That, combined with Monday being the start of classes and having an off day Sunday meant practice was simply not as sharp as usual.

"Considering it was the first day of school," Richt said, "and there were a lot of things going on out there all day today, it was pretty good. It wasn't great. If it wasn't a Monday and it was coming off a day off and the first day of school, I would say not very good, but usually those days are tough to have it happen the way you want it to."

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