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Monday, August 11, 2008

Kyle Moore Talks UGA Football

USC defensive end Kyle Moore turned down a chance to play at Georgia in favor of a slimmer wasteline.

My good friend and coworker Jay Adams, widely considered the second best-looking sports writer in Georgia (behind me, of course) spoke today with USC defensive end Kyle Moore for a story.

Moore is from Houston County, and said he was recruited heavily by Georgia before choosing to go cross country to USC. As Moore told Jay, Georgia wanted to make him the next Marcus Stroud, which wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear. Stroud is a defensive tackle, and as Moore put it, "I ain't no 300 pounds."

Jay got to ask a few more Georgia-related questions, too. Here's what Moore had to say...

On Georgia being ranked above USC: "They deserve it. They've got a lot of seniors coming back. It's fine with us, because at the end of the season, we're going to see who's the real No. 1. The preseason poll rankings really don't mean nothing. It's really about winning those games each and every week. We'll see who's going to be No. 1 at the end of the season. We could be No. 1 now and we could be No. 2 later. We were No. 1 last year and then lost to Stanford, so anything can happen during the season. We've just got to keep coming out and putting in the effort and start playing the teams that beat us and not let them slip through the cracks this year. We've just got to finish games better, that's all I really think we need to do. But Georgia being No. 1 doesn't bother me."

On the possibility of a Georgia-USC national title game: "I would love to. I thought we were going to play them last year in the Rose Bowl before everybody lost. No. 1 and No. 2 lost in the same night, and we thought we were going to play them. But I would love to see that matchup (this year), too."

On whether USC recognizes Georgia as a national power: "The only teams on our radar are the 12 or 13 teams we have to play right now. Georgia, they play in the SEC and they've got to play somebody every week, every season. If they continue being No. 1, more power to them. But it's going to be a nice little journey to keep that No. 1 position. But that's not really a focal point for our team. Our focus is playing Virginia, playing Ohio State and the rest of the Pac-10."

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