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Monday, August 11, 2008

Morning Practice Update (8/11)

With the gorgeous weather this morning and a day of rest under their belts, the Dawgs seemed pretty chipper after the a.m. session of two-a-days Monday.

"I think everybody's getting real excited about the season, and we're starting to see some progress," wide receiver Kenneth Harris said. "Everybody's real excited."

Georgia held a special teams scrimmage for this morning's session, which may go far in determining who will return kicks for the Bulldogs this season.

Tony Ball, who coaches the kick return team, said Asher Allen was still the go-to guy for now, until (or if) he identifies someone else to fill the role. Right now, Ball said, there are four candidates, each of whom got work in Monday morning.

"Deep, we're going to work Remarcus (Brown), Richard Samuel, Caleb King and Carlton Thomas," Ball said. "We're going to work them back deep. Asher knows what he's doing, and I need to take a look at those guys."

Samuel's name came up in every interview I did today for his strong play, with fullback Shaun Chapas saying he had to remind himself Samuel was only 17.

Ball said Samuel is challenging King for the No. 2 spot on the running back depth chart, and that this afternoon's scrimmage will go a long way to deciding how that depth chart gets reshuffled.

"You're trying to establish a two-deep depth chart, and this will be very important to them," Ball said. "After this scrimmage, we'll sit down and evaluate, and there will be some shuffling of the depth chart, so it's important to all of them."

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