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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Practice Notes 8/7/08

Practice went late into the night Thursday, after rain pushed back a scheduled 3:20 start time to 7:15. Didn't get to talk to Richt until about 10:30, so this is all a bit late.

One of the things Richt discussed after practice was the status of suspended linebacker Darius Dewberry.

Dewberry has already begun working to pay off his debt to St. Mary s Hospital in Athens, after damaging the hospital last weekend.

Dewberry caused damages estimated at more than $2,000 when he broke a parking gate and several garden planters following a fight that injured two of his teammates. Richt announced Monday that Dewberry would sit out the first two games of the season as punishment, and would also find a job to repay his debt.

Dewberry has already started a job on campus from 8 a.m. to noon each day, and starting Thursday will begin working at St. Mary's, Richt said.

"He was very sincere about wanting to pay off his debt," Richt said. "I guarantee it's tougher what he's doing mentally, being in the grind of this practice and then turning around to do this other thing, but he s anxious to pay his debt."

Richt said Dewberry will also work the first two Saturdays of the season while serving his suspension.

More notes from Richt...

On the injuries to WRs Israel Troupe and Walter Hill:

"It never helps missing reps, but they at least have enough experience where they re not going to be lost when they get back."

On who looked sharp during Thursday's practice:

"Tavarres King made a couple of nice moves. I think the boys got kind of excited about that. And Stafford has really played well just about every day."

On practicing at night:

"They loved it. It was very nice to practice in that cooler temperature. Sometimes you feel like you want to do that because you know you d have less guys cramping and fatiguing, but if you don t condition in the heat, games in the heat, you re gonna get beat, you re gonna get whipped."

Tomorrow will be the first full pads day, but there won't be any tackling. Saturday begins practice with tackling and the first scrimmages will begin Monday, with kicking scrimmage in the morning and regular scrimmage in the afternoon.

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