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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Links 8/16

Don't forget today is Picture Day. If any of you are going, track me down and say hello. Don't ask for a picture though -- I'm not that photogenic.

No surprise here, Georgia begins the season at the top of the AP poll.

Gordon Beckham won't be back, but Georgia should have plenty of baseball talent next season.

Fans and players alike are waiting for their first meeting witht the new Uga, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

Never say I'm unwilling to give a shout out to the smaller papers. The Courier Herald has a story on punter Brian Mimbs, and the Tifton Gazette has a piece on wide receiver Israel Troupe.

The AJC has a story on the crazy number of injuries Georgia must deal with, while there's also word a top Atlanta-area basketball recruit is looking at the Bulldogs.

Bleacher Report wonders if Georgia would really risk its stars on special teams.

And sadly, it looks like the bigfoot found in Georgia was a hoax. Don't give up hope yet, though. I've been to a few bars in Albany in my time, and I've seen enough evidence to believe, if there is a bigfoot, he'll be in Georgia.

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Selena said...

I loved the comment about the bars in Albany....