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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Links (8/22)

Happy Friday, folks. This is an especially happy Friday for me, as I will actually be off the next two days.

Now, before you all start crying into your morning coffee, I will continue to update the blog throughout the weekend. I'll add the morning links, have a few other posts, and I will be sure to update you on anything major that happens. I will also still have new features in Saturday and Sunday's papers, which you can find at or

What you won't find for the next two days, however, are my daily practice updates, since I will not actually be at practice. I think I speak for the Georgia coaching staff when I say, we're all hoping nothing particularly newsworthy happens in my absence.

While I'm away, among other chores I must attend to, I'll also be drafting my 2008 fantasy football team (well, one of them anyway). Since I've been so busy with UGA stuff, I've put next to no prep work into this task -- which given how I've finished the past two years, may not be a bad thing.

Nevertheless, if you'd care to offer some advice on sleepers or draft strategy in the comments section, I'm all for implementing a battle plan from complete stangers. (I have pick #9 overall. Looking at Marshawn Lynch or Marion Barber, I think.)

Anyway, on to today's links...

* I have a story in today's paper on the progress of this year's freshman class. Speaking of, both A.J. Green and Tavarres King caught touchdown passes in Georgia's practice game yesterday. I really think both of them have a chance to be special this season.

* The Atlanta Business Chronicle says that the Bulldogs could be the country's highest-revenue program this season, with the football team bringing in an estimated $70-74 million.

* The AJC's Mark Bradley must have been getting low on hate mail, so he ranked each SEC school in order of how obnoxious their fans are in his blog. Can't say I agree with Bradley on all his choices, but I am in almost perfect agreement with the good folks over at Georgia Sports Blog. My favorite is their ranking of Tennessee -- it's funny 'cuz it's true.

* Chip Towers has a story about Mo Massaquoi's continuing relationship with A.J. Green. I wrote about this earlier this month, but I could not be more impressed with how much Mass has grown into a leader since I last covered Georgia. With kids as talented as Green (and King, and Israel Troupe), Mass's influence could be huge for Georgia this season.

* Speaking of relationships, Total UGA's Brett Jensen has a story about the one between Geno Atkins and Rodney Garner.

* A Kentucky commit may consider heading to UGA instead.

* Terence Moore doesn't think Knowshon will end up returning punts. I think I may disagree. Either way, the vast majority of the fans I've heard from actually think it's a good idea.

* The Sporting News says that no starter is safe on Georgia's defensive depth chart. I assume they don't mean Dannell.

* Great story from the Athens Banner-Herald's Mark Weiszer on the top five plays of the past five years. I won't argue with his top choice, but my guess is most fans would rank his No. 2 as their favorite.

* And finally, I'm sad to report that another great '80s movie myth has been disproved. I haven't been this depressed since I found out the ghost in "3 Men and a Baby" was just a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson.

So, third round too early for Darren McFadden? When should I draft my QB? Brandon Marshall worth a fourth-rounder despite his suspension? Man, I wish they sold fantasy football magazines on CD.


Jay Adams ... said...

If you take Marshawn Lynch, I might have to kidnap your dog.

RedCrake said...

Here's a fun secret from my grand total 1 year of Fantasy experience (and I did this totally by accident):

Pick up several unwanted QB's in the later rounds. It helps if you pick guys who have a history of being streaky.

Last year I finished 3rd in my league by alternating Cleo Lemon, Vince Young, and Tavaris Jackson when they got on hot streaks. The key is dumping them at the first sign of trouble. You can also pick these guys up in free agency. Of course, you may also get killed by playing this way as I did one week with JP Losman. Ouch!

Jim Ludes- Grundy/ Will County REALTOR said...

Depending on the sheer number of teams in your league- Brandon Marshall might not be available in 4th round.... If you want to nerd out for about an hour check out this site for a mock