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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Links (8/27)

Some days, you wake up and just thank the gods of journalism that ESPN exists and can interview L.L. Cool J on his thoughts about A-Rod and Madonna while promoting his new album on "SportsCenter." I sometimes wonder why I even watch anymore.

Anyway, today's links...

* From today's Telegraph, I have a story on Reshad Jones' change in approach as well as 10 bold predictions for the college football season (which are actually unlikely predictions, rather than just normal predictions in bold typeface).

* Sports Central details reasons why Georgia should not be ranked No. 1.

* The Los Angeles Times has Georgia ranked No. 2.

* Georgia Sports Blog catches up with Scott Howard. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for their college football pick 'em.

* The AJC discusses Mark Richt's concern about the Bulldogs' offensive line.

* Chip Towers also blogs about the NFL futures for Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. I think his predictions are dead on, which would make any championship just a little bittersweet.

* A Memphis-area wide receiver has Georgia on his short list, according to ESPN.

* The Red & Black writes that UGA gymnastics coach Suzanne Yoculan was punished by the NCAA for unsportsmanlike behavior.

* Total UGA's Brett Jensen has a good story on Asher Allen's approach to returning punts.

* The Albany Herald has a story on Vince Vance and the offensive line.

* Never mind the Olympics, the USA took home a much more important championship this week.

* And finally, I wanted to welcome David Ching back to Athens. It is definitely a loss for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and all of us working with McClatchy newspapers, but David will do a great job at the Banner-Herald, and I'm definitely looking forward to having him in town.


the anonymous suckup said...

Thanks for a great blog, David.

Having said that, I assume you included the Sports Central link purely for comedy. I don't mind somebody saying UGA shouldn't be ranked #1, nor do I mind someone arguing that Georgia might not win the MNC, the SEC, or even the SEC East. Those are all reasonably possible outcomes. But that loon predicted UGA would go 7-5, and he did it with a straight face.

Thanks for the laugh, David. And thanks again for the great work you do on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mr. Suckup above. You do a great job.

Re: David Ching's return to Athens, I thought that an earlier post on the DawgsOnline site perfectly captured my own sentiments:

"David Hale v. David Ching could be a journalistic blogging cage match for the ages. Dawg fans are big winners here."

It's a great thing for us Dawg Fans, and we appreciate all that the two Davids bring to their reporting!! Hope we can give you both a memorable season...


Selena said...

Ha, I agree about the Sports Central link. I couldn't even read all of it because it was so absurd. I mean, I'm all for not hyping the team up toooo much because it could all go to their heads more than it already has and we could just fail terribly in the end. And UGA jinxes scare the hell out of me, this being my last year at UGA and all. But wow, this article/blog/drunken tirade was just ridiculous.

As always, I very much enjoyed reading the blog. Thanks!!

RedCrake said...

I quit when he referred to Georgia's #1 BCS ranking.

How you say that and claim to have any credibility as it comes to college football is beyond me.

Jim Ludes- Grundy/ Will County REALTOR said...

Everyone's up in arms about the silly story about Georgia being #2....what I want to know is how is there a link for a Scott Howard and neither Teen Wolf or Michael J Fox is mentioned anywhere????