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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Links (8/29)

One day away. I couldn't be more excited. I watched a good bit of the South Carolina-NC State game last night. Perhaps it wasn't the best test, but the Gamecocks defense looks like it can live up to the hype. That unit might be the best one Georgia faces all season.

The South Carolina offense on the other hand? Eh, not so much.

In any case, that's still a few weeks away, so let's focus on what we've got right in front of us. Here are today's links on the final day before Georgia-Georgia Southern...

* The AJC's Chip Towers blogs about the high level head coach Mark Richt has gotten the Bulldogs to. Chip and I, through absolutely no collusion of any sort, seem to be writing a lot of similar material lately. You could say great minds think alike. Or, more likely, we're all just running out of things to write about.

* Chip also reports Georgia won't be hyping Knowshon or Stafford for the Heisman this season. I couldn't agree more with the decision. When your focus is winning a national title, there's no use getting caught up in individual awards. If that title is out of reach by the end of November though? Some promotion might be in order.

* College Football News' Josh Bernstein offers a challenge to Bulldogs fans. Speaking of, who do you think gets the biggest ovation Saturday: Mark Richt, Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno or Uga VII? My guess is the four-legged one.

* Dawgs Online has some helpful information on how to watch the game Saturday if you're not inside Sanford Stadium.

* This blogger complains about the hefty price of attending Georgia games.

* Get the Picture chimes in with some interesting thoughts on Willie Martinez.

* Total UGA has a story on a top Georgia recruit (WARNING: Registration required).

* The Moultrie Observer continues its ever vigilant coverage of all things Vance Cuff.

* And finally, just when you thought Chad Johnson couldn't get any craizier... well, read it for yourself.


Brandon said...

Chad Ocho Cinco may be one of the biggest idiots in sports today....what a R-Tard!

Jim Ludes- Grundy/ Will County REALTOR said...

that's gonna be great when he's playing elsewhere next year and 85 is taken by someone who isn't crazy.