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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dawgs to Watch No. 12: Cordy Glenn

Cordy Glenn has been a popular guy in preseason camp.

Two weeks ago, the freshman offensive lineman was a hulking 313-pound novice chock full of potential, but still the low man on the totem poll for playing time with the first team line.

Within days, however, his name was coming up in every conversation about impressive freshmen. By the end of two-a-days, coaches were so impressed, Glenn was actually a good bet to land a starting job.

"I think just watching Cordy physically, it didn't take long to say he can do it this year," head coach Mark Richt said.

Still, Glenn is a freshman, and with that comes mistakes. But the mental side of the game is coming along more quickly than expected for Glenn, too, Richt said.

Although Glenn doesn't always know what to do, Richt said he reacts quickly to input from teammates and adjusts well on the fly.

"If you say slip' or slide' or Tex' or Denver' or all these calls that mean something, if you say it to a guy at the last second, even that's not easy to learn," Richt said. "But he's really done a nice job."

More than just learning the plays and nomenclature, Glenn has been learning almost every position on the line.

When left tackle Trinton Sturdivant went down with a season-ending knee injury last week, Glenn got work in at both left tackle and left guard as Georgia coaches attempted to find the best fit.

By week's end, however, Glenn seemed to have found his place at right guard, where Richt said it's likely he could earn the starting job by the time the season starts in two weeks.

"He's doing a good job," quarterback Matthew Stafford said. "He's big, he's strong, and he knows what he's doing pretty well for a true freshman. I'm excited. I think he's going to be a good player."

And while putting a true freshman on the offensive line doesn't always bode well for the offense's success, even Glenn's fellow linemen think he could be ready for a key role this season.

"If he's up there," tackle Kiante Tripp said, "that means coach trusts him."


ChicagoDawg said...
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ChicagoDawg said...

Thanks for the update on Glenn. When you get the chance, could you provide some updates on Neland Ball, Brandon Wood, DeAngelo Tyson and A.J. Harmon? It is has been quiet on the D-Line side of the ball this camp, so I am curious as to how some of these guys are developing.

David Hale said...

Definitely will -- talked to Martinez about Harmon last week. No new news really. I'm hoping to do a much more in-depth piece on Ball at some point, but yeah, I'll get some d-line stuff for this week.