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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

1:48 left in game, Georgia losing 29-27

In field goal range, the game almost at hand - and Georgia's Caleb King fumbled the ball. Colorado recovered, and the Bulldogs look headed for a fourth straight defeat.

Incredible. King was having a stupendous game up to that point - 103 yards on 11 carries - so it was a no-brainer to give him the ball again. But the backfield was penetrated, King was hit, and he immediately coughed it up.

Georgia used its final timeout after Colorado ran for a first down on the next play.

3:37 left, Georgia still trails 29-27

Georgia's problem on offense has been not converting in the red zone. Well, that doesn't matter now. All it needs to do over the next three minutes is get down there, and let Blair Walsh win it.

It took Georgia's defense awhile, but it finally made a stop. The question is whether it took too long.

Colorado just took a LONG time off the clock. But it might have undone itself with the curious decision to try a 52-yard field goal with a guy whose only make this year was from 28.

Needless to say, it missed, wide left. Now Georgia's resurgent offense takes over at the 35 with 3:37 left.

12:30 left in fourth quarter, Georgia within 29-27

Georgia's offense moved the ball without A.J. Green, then got him back, but its drive stalled at the 2 anyway.

So a chip-shot Blair Walsh field goal makes it a two-point game. That two-point conversion by Colorado looms rather large now.

Green only figured in one play upon his return, an incomplete throw his way near the goal-line. Most of the production on the drive came on the ground: Caleb King had a good run, and Aaron Murray scrambled for another long gain.

Murray should have done that several other times in this game. The middle has been there for Murray to scramble through - including on his second-quarter interception in the end zone - but he didn't take it until that play there.

Still, Georgia's offense looks like it can move the ball and eventually win this game. It just needs the Bulldog defense to come through.


dawginutah said...

does anyone have any idea how bad it is to get play by play from their wife over the telephone.

Anonymous said...

try watching it online. there are a couple of P2P options streamed out of Europe. its how i'm watching it right now.

dawginutah said...

i tried watching on the skype thing but that didn't work out

Anonymous said...

trust me. you don't want to see this.

ReservoirDawg said...

F***** pathetic. Do we have a running back who can hang onto the ball? We had that game... don't fire Richt... fire the d*** running backs coach.

dawginutah said...

I hear there might be a good lake house coming on the market pretty soon. Lake Hartwell if anyone is interested.

D_Dot said...

This sucks! What is this season turning into?

adawginpa said...

I am just numb to this team. It is so frustrating to see them come so close, but manage to give it away.

Oh well, better than how Tenn. lost today I guess.

Anonymous said...

there is NO fire in the belly with this team. no one wants it. why? a high caliber team with talent or what i think COULD be talent. the kids don't want it and apparently the coaches don't want it. quite disappointing.

D_Dot said...

Any guesses on what our record will be this season?

Anonymous said...

close win over vandy and idaho state, all others could be losses

D_Dot said...

How on earth did we get gashed for over 200 yards on the ground. I only ask because I didn't see game. Was it an issue of missed tackles or what?

D_Dot said...

It's alright I'll still play as UGA in NCAA 11 online. If we can't be winners in reality we can be winners in cyberspace

Anonymous said...

Here's some good news:

1) AD took Oregon off the schedule.
2) We don't play Alabama this year.
3) We don't have to worry about playing in Shreveport or some other sorry bowl game this year.

Anonymous said...

Strength and conditioning sucks! Our guys are getting blown off the ball! There are several plays where our defensive linemen are at least 5 yards in the secondary. Offensive linemen let half of the CU defensive unit in the backfield on our last offensive play.

Anonymous said...

This UGA team will flat out break your heart. I think we are inventing ways to lose games.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone else notice that the fumble was a flea flicker?